Oxford Reading Buddy will move your students up a year automatically ahead of the new academic year. This will be based on the academic year the Organization Administrator selected when they first registered the school account on Oxford Reading Buddy.

All students in My Organization will move up a year one month before the new academic year begins. For example, all students in Grade 2 will be moved to Grade 3.

After students have moved up, teachers simply need to update their class ready for the new year. We recommend that each teacher looks after their own class.

If no students need to be removed or added to the class following the move up, simply rename the class. To do this:

  1. Go to My Organization.
  2. Click the Classes tab.
  3. Select your class from the list.
  4. Click Edit next to your class name.
  5. Change the class name in the class window and click Save. Please note that you cannot use the same class name twice within the organisation.

If you need to add or remove students from the class, follow the steps above to change the class name and then follow the instructions on editing classes.

Remember to check your administration rights to see whether you can edit the class name yourself or need to ask another member of staff.

Another option is to archive the old classes and start afresh (this can be done by each teacher or one person could do it for the entire school). To do this:

  1. Archive all of the classes that are changing (see Archiving classes). This removes the students and teachers from the classes. It does not archive any users.
  2. Import any new students and include all of the new classes with a csv file (see Editing students in bulk).

Staff can either be added to classes manually, or imported using a csv. The current staff cannot be downloaded, but a template can. Including a class when uploading staff that already have an account adds them to it (see here for steps).

Updates to the reporting screens and Oxford Reading Levels
The year group change will be reflected in the reporting screens, and the grey expected attainment bars will move to reflect the expected attainment for that year.

Students’ Oxford Reading Levels will not be changed when they move up a year. These will still be based on the number of books read and the quiz scores achieved.