Only the Organization Administrator can add new staff members.

If you are the Organization Administrator, follow these steps to add new staff members to Oxford Reading Buddy:

  1. Go to My Organization.
  2. Click the Staff tab.
  3. Click + Invite staff to open the following window. 
  1. If you are inviting one member of staff, enter their details and select Invite a new user.
  2. If you are inviting multiple staff members, you can save time by selecting Import a file.
  3. Click Download template and follow the on-screen instructions to complete. Please include all of the information specified in the Import users window: User name, first name, last name, email address and role. A list of roles are shown on screen. Choose the relevant teacher role based on the administration rights you wish the member of staff to have.
  4. Once the file is ready and saved, click Choose a file from your computer to upload the users.

Once your invite has been sent the teacher will receive an invitation requesting for them to join.

Invite Teacher