Oxford Reading Buddy is a digital reading service that develops comprehension and encourages a love of reading for students in Grade 1 to Grade 6. It matches students with books at the right level, and tracks performance across hundreds of Oxford’s print and digital books.

It provides a motivating and friendly virtual environment where students have their own virtual comprehension coach, and where they will earn badges for working well. It is rooted in research-based pedagogies, and its leveling structure is underpinned by Oxford Levels.

Oxford Reading Buddy contains:

  • Specially written digital-only Coaching eBooks at every Oxford Level. Each of these books contains a digital Reading Buddy to prompt, model and develop comprehension skills and help children make faster progress.
  • A rich and varied eBook library, containing hundreds of eBooks selected from Oxford’s existing series Oxford Reading for Comprehension, Oxford Reading Tree, TreeTops and Project X for practice and consolidation.
  • Hundreds of automatically marked comprehension quizzes on every Coaching eBook, eBook and Oxford’s major print series to inform progress through the levels and diagnostic reporting.
  • Performance reporting information which offers fast, clear data, plus deeper diagnostics to reveal strengths and weaknesses.
  • A reward and motivation system of badges to direct good reading behaviours and develop intrinsic motivation for reading.