Oxford Reading Buddy is separate to Oxford Owl for Australian and New Zealand customers and the two services fill different roles.

Oxford Reading Buddy is a whole school digital reading service that includes eBooks, Coaching eBooks, comprehension quizzes, reporting and data.  It is designed for use by students (and their parents), teachers and schools. A whole-school subscription is required to use Oxford Reading Buddy (after any free trial period).

Oxford Owl is in essence an online repository of teaching and learning materials resources which accompany Oxford’s resources to help teachers get the most from our teaching programs, student books, student workbooks. It is designed for use by teachers and is free.

Oxford Owl includes free teaching resources for some of the series that are included on Oxford Reading Buddy.

For example, the following resources are available for Oxford Reading for Comprehension:

  • Comprehension activity sheet for all guided reading texts within the series
  • Graphic organiser templates for use in the classroom
  • Oxford Wordlist support, including wordlists for every guided reading text and guidance on how to use the Oxford Wordlist in the classroom.

Teachers can sign up for a free Oxford Owl account at: https://www.oxfordowl.com.au/