As a teacher, you retain ultimate control of student movement through Oxford Reading Levels, as you will receive notifications via email or within the Reporting area asking you to confirm or delay any suggested moves. To receive the email, please ensure that you are assigned to your class and that your Contact preferences are set to receive ‘Pupil progress alerts’. In the event that the system receives no response, students will be moved automatically after two weeks.

If you choose to delay the move suggestion, the student will read and take quizzes on more books at the same level before the recommendation is sent to you again. You will also get the option to restart a student’s level. If a student’s level restarts, all books will be returned to their eBook library and all quizzes will be unlocked.

In the event that a student runs out of books at a given Oxford Reading Level without having met the thresholds necessary to move up to the next Oxford Reading Level, already-read books will appear at the start of their eBook library ready for re-reading, and quizzes will be reset for a second attempt. Books and quizzes will only be reset if they scored less than the move-up threshold.

You can also change a student’s level manually if you think they are at the wrong level.