This is the rate at which students are progressing within an Oxford Level (i.e. meeting the quiz score ‘move up’ thresholds) compared with expected rates of movement through a level. See Automatic progression for information on threshold metrics and expected rates.

As a teacher, you are able to see an aggregated view of class progress in the ‘arcs’ on the Class report screen. The Progress arc shows the proportion of children who are moving through their level at the expected rate or more quickly.

You can use the detailed Class report view to then see how individual students are progressing.

Oxford Reading Buddy progress report

The grey vertical bar shows the expected Oxford Level for the year group and term. The horizontal blue boxes show which Oxford Level each student has completed. The coloured boxes show the student’s current Oxford Level and provide a Red, Amber, Green status on progress within that level. Use the status key to see what each colour means. A blue arrow means that the student is ready to move up a level.

Click on any of the boxes to see a more detailed view of progress.

More detail on individual students’ progress, including quiz performance against the five key Comprehension Skills and record of wider reading, can be found in the Student Report.