The coaching eBooks have been specially written to develop comprehension strategies and skills. A wide range of genres, styles and subjects are included across the books, and some titles contain a mix of genres within them to offer the richest possible comprehension opportunities.

In each book, the student’s Reading Buddy, models comprehension strategies and encourages the student to engage more reflectively to develop a deeper response to texts.

We currently have Coaching eBooks available with each eBook providing three types of interaction:

Buddy Prompts

Buddy Prompts, which model the thoughts and behaviours of an able reader and encourage students to think about the meaning of what they’re reading as they go. Each prompt is related to one of seven key Comprehension Strategies.

Buddy Questions

Buddy Questions assess a student’s understanding of the text and application of the strategies by asking them to input answers. Each Buddy Question is related to one of five key Comprehension Skills and each student receives constructive feedback tailored to their answers. Note that the Buddy Questions often relate to the Buddy Prompts so children will do better in the questions if they have engaged with the prompts.


Quizzes at the end of every book assess the student’s overall understanding of the text. Again, each quiz question is linked to one of the five key Comprehension Skills. Quiz results feed into Automatic progression and can be viewed in the Reporting area.

It is recommended that students read all the Coaching eBooks at their level if possible, in order to benefit from the coaching within them.

You can view students’ engagement with Buddy Prompts and performance on the Buddy Questions in the Engagement section of the student reporting area.