Hundreds of titles, drawn from Oxford’s loved and trusted series, Oxford Reading for Comprehension, Oxford Reading Tree, TreeTops and Project X, provide variety and choice for all readers. The collection will be continually added to as new books are published.

The wider eBook library gives students the opportunity to put into practice the skills and strategies that they have developed within the Coaching eBooks. As in the Coaching eBooks, a quiz at the end of each eBook assesses students’ overall understanding of the text.

See the latest number of books we have per brand and series below:

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Brand Strand Number of titles
Oxford Reading Buddy Coaching Texts 90
Oxford Reading for Comprehension 50
Oxford Reading Tree All Stars 6
Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories 17
Decode and Develop                d 26
Explore with Biff, Chip and Kipper 32
Floppy’s Phonics Fiction & Non-fiction   d 25
Traditional Tales                d 18
Total 124
Project X Alien Adventures            d 22
Hero Academy                  d 21
Origins 77
Total 120
TreeTops Chucklers 13
Fiction & Non-fiction 10
Greatest Stories 14
Myths & Legends 6
Total 43
Total eBooks in library 427

Updated 23 May 2019
d = decodable