The Record of reading allows you to monitor an individual student’s reading performance, and view all of their reading activity.

Under the Reporting tab at the top left corner, you will see options for Class report, Student report, and School report. Click on the Student report tab, and select More.

Scroll down or use the search field to find the student you want and select their name.

Select Record of reading.

You will see a screen which gives you book-by-book detail of all the reading a student has done on the platform. You can see the title and level of the book, the result of the quiz, the date of the quiz, which attempt the quiz result refers to, and the enjoyment rating the student has given the book.

Additionally you can review student’s work from this screen by clicking on the Go to quiz tab.

Click on Questions in the left hand corner to see the answers and marking for each quiz question. You can also view any free text questions if the quiz includes one. These will not have been marked automatically.

Note that the Record of reading also includes any reading that the student has done outside of Oxford Reading Buddy and logged manually.

You can view the student’s movement through the Oxford Reading Levels at the bottom of the screen.