Oxford Reading Buddy moves students automatically through Oxford Reading Levels. Once a student has met specified thresholds, based on number of quiz scores above 60%, they are deemed ready to move up to the next Oxford Reading Level. Threshold numbers vary between levels and numbers reduce at higher levels because the texts are longer and take more time to read.

Students can also be moved down if they meet certain conditions, based on number of quiz scores below 30%. Again threshold numbers vary between levels.

As a teacher, you retain ultimate control of movement through Oxford Reading Levels (see Teacher control of progress). When a student is ready to move up or down, you will receive a notification via email and within the Reporting area of Oxford Reading Buddy asking you to confirm or delay the suggested move. In the event that the system receives no response, students will be moved automatically after two weeks. You can also change a student’s level manually.

The conditions for movement through Oxford Reading Levels have been based on expected rates of progress and achievement. As actual usage data is accumulated on Oxford Reading Buddy, threshold metrics may be refined accordingly.