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Name: Bolts
Favourite book: The Magic Cow (Level 9)
Proudest badge achievement: Collecting Skill Superstar badges
About me:Bolt

I enjoy reading myths and fairy tales. My hobbies are cooking and daydreaming.

Likes: grammar, umbrellas, nuts

Dislikes: rain

Extra info: Bolts was created by Roxy. Optimistic and logical, Bolts has a brilliant memory and does well in most quizzes. Bolts is a fan of Rama’s Journey (Level 13) and Spice Story (Level 16)
Download: Bolts character card
Name: Li-Na
Favourite book: Helen Keller: An Inspiring Life (Level 8)
Proudest badge achievement: Earning the Book Boss badge
About me:La-na

I love reading as much as possible and taking quizzes to earn badges. I really enjoy sport, especially basketball.

Likes: reading biographies

Dislikes: being late

Extra info: Li-Na is competitive and hard-working. She is really good at sport and is a fast runner. She is an avid reader. She is a fan of Win the Cup! (Level 3) and Adrenaline Rush (Level 17)
Download: Li-Na character card
Name: Neo
Favourite book: What Do We Need to Survive? (Level 7)
Proudest badge achievement: My Twentieth Quiz badge!
About me:Neo

I enjoy non-fiction books about nature and geography, because I love being outdoors. My other hobby is singing.

Likes: camping, maps

Dislikes: cheese

Extra info: Neo loves exploring. He is an environmentalist. Favourite books include Explorers: Then and Now (Level 14) and Hunting Volcanoes  (Level 17).
Download: Neo character card
Name: Pompom
Favourite book: Jabberwocky and Other Poems (Level 18)
Proudest badge achievement: Listening Legend
About me:Pompom

I like reading stories about real life, and poetry books. I also like pop music. I know all the words and dance moves for my favourite songs!

Likes: riding my bike

Dislikes: running

Extra info: Pompom is wise, calm and sensible. Pompom is also friendly and helpful. Pompom’s favourite books include Stanley Stone Rocks (Level 10) and Rhyme Slime (Level 11).
Download: Pompom character card
Name: Roxy
Favourite book: Attack of the Robot Bunnies! (Level 5)
Proudest badge achievement: Skill Superstar
About me:Roxy

My favourite books are about science and engineering, and I also like to read science-fiction. I love machines and I built Bolts the robot!

Likes: hot air balloons, experiments

Dislikes: swimming

Extra info: Roxy is very curious and a knowledge-seeker. Books she enjoys are Planet Exis (Level 7) and Nancy-Bird Walton (Level 18).
Download: Roxy character card
Name: Rusty
Favourite book: Hop! Hop! Pop! (Level 1+)
Proudest badge achievement: Earning my First Quiz badge
About me:Rusty

I live in a library! Funny books are my favourite. My hobbies are paw-painting and collecting things.

Likes: spaghetti, cuddles

Dislikes: bedtime

Extra info: Rusty is enthusiastic and childlike. Rusty likes reading Fur from Home (Level 13) and Mosaic Art (Level 4).
Download: Rusty character card

You can download all Oxford Reading Buddy character cards here.