Oxford Reading Buddy works on the tablet and mobile devices below.



iPhone 5s (released 2013)
iPhone SE (released 2016)
iPhone 6 and higher (released 2014)


iPad 5th generation and higher (released 2017)
iPad mini 2 and higher (released 2013)
iPad Air and higher (released 2013)

Please ensure you have iOS 11 or above installed on your iPad or iPhone. iOS is the operating system on your device. You can see which version you have by opening Settings on your device and navigating to General > About. The number displayed next to Version will tell you which operating system you have.

Android devices

Any android device with Android 7 or above installed.

For Android devices, you can view which operating system you have by opening Settings and navigating to About Phone > Software Info. The operating system will be displayed beneath the heading Android version.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Oxford Reading Buddy works on the Kindle Fire but it is not currently fully optimised for this device. Therefore, it’s possible that you may not get the best user experience.

Unsure how to check this on your device? Download our technical guide.