At the end of every book is a quiz which children should try to complete on their own. Their results will be sent to their teacher so that they can track your child’s progress against key comprehension skills. Children can also take quizzes on Oxford print books.

When your child has met certain quiz-result thresholds they will be moved up to the next Oxford Level.

Quiz Marking

The number of questions per quiz increases with the level.

Each question is worth a total of two marks, whether it is a single-part question (such as a simple multiple choice where children are asked to choose one answer) or a multi-part question (such as a sequencing question where children are asked to put four pictures in the correct order, or a checkbox question where the student is asked to select the three correct answers). In the case of a multi-part question, the child will receive 2 marks for getting every part correct and 1 mark for getting half or more parts correct. From Oxford Level 14 onwards, open-ended, free-text questions are included to give students practice in constructing their own answers.

Quiz scores are then shown as percentages, with an animated graphic to support understanding for younger children.

Once a quiz has been submitted the first score is ‘locked’ and cannot be overridden unless the child runs out of books or retakes the level.